Range Projects, Our Partnerships, Shared Resources and a Holistic approach, successfully completing construction projects, on time, on budget in an ecologically sustainable way.

Range Projects, is a full service construction management company serving the building industry. The Range group of working partners, forge productive relationships that successfully manage through the fun, challenging and difficult issues that are required to foster successful construction projects in a most ecological way.

We specialize, in partnering design build projects where building materials and systems are not only constructed efficiently but with a lofty goal to be waste free, sustainable in nature and considerate of all life impacted by the work.

Range uses state of the art engineering management solutions and combines them with planet sustainable building practices and tools to deliver well balanced outcomes.

Range leads the way in achieving synergy, in scope, schedule and cost and not today’s cost, but the future costs to all living things. Time, money and resources are utilized wisely.

Range selects only the best in consultants, trades and supply partners, working to ensure that their environmental philosophies are in line with the best, in environmental practises.

  • Range hits the dates and helps keep costs in line with approved budgets by scheduling with either “MS Project or the Primavera scheduling programs”.
  •  We estimate and communicate clearly to our clients, the timelines and costs to get through critical approvals while managing through the Permits and Regulatory processes.
  • The Range group meet our client’s goals early on by providing guidance and services in the pre-construction phases of a project. From pre-construction, we manage design budgets, the tendering process, and the creation of strict project cost control techniques. During construction, we manage through quality control building processes, mechanical and electrical systems performance milestones, and the developments overall commissioning.
  • We work diligently to ensure that the owner realizes their vision and receives what they have negotiated.

About Us

John Profitt  |  B.Sc., P.Eng. GSC

John is a Geological Engineer having a broad knowledge base in Geosciences, and Civil Engineering. He has worked in the Commercial, Multi-Residential and Resources-Infrastructure sectors. He is a proven leader in bringing practical, energy efficient and environmentally sustainable design solutions  to projects while forging productive relationships that successfully manage through the difficult issues. John has collaborated on two successful pre-IPO start-up ventures and continues to play an important role in one of those projects. He has an extensive and diverse background in Project Management and is keenly aware of the implications of scope, schedule and cost. Highlighted leadership and organizational skills include, Design Collaboration, Team Building and Enabling Creative Processes, Scheduling, Value Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management, Achieving Stakeholder Buy-in, and Fundraising. John is a Canadian Alpine Ski Coach, enjoys mentoring on and away from the workplace and regularly volunteers his time to kids sport.




Sustainable Help

The Sustainable Root in it all.

Range professionals believe that sustainability does not cost extra! Buildings, like the best in today’s high tech, should be high performance, sustainable, beautiful and worth more than what everyone thought they would be. Not just for us but onto our next generation. Well-built sustainable buildings maximize the return on the owner’s investment and improve the projects life cycle and operational bottom line.

Range goes one step further and strives to complete the work waste free. Planning early leads to a responsible mitigation of bulk waste and excessive land-fill.  Our struggle to always get better, leads us to innovation. Our creative thinking is what stands us apart from the crowd.

For more information about our Sustainable Construction Services, Sustainable Project Planning or Sustainable New and/or Renovation construction, please contact us.

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